MALENE LANDGREEN: four dimensional desires

Silke Lange, accordion

L40 Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz

14 October 2016. In a series of improvisations for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #1.111.007, accordion virtuoso Silke Lange offered a musical reflection of Malene Landgreen’s four dimensional desires. Using pre-conceived intervallic and melodic patterns, at times, short sequences of only a few notes as starting material, Lange elaborates upon these simple elements, quietly developing them into longer and more intricately organized sequences. The contrast of Landgreen’s soft brush strokes with more sharply defined geometries, her warm and vibrant colors, find a musical counterpoint in Lange’s alternations of the quiet and static, active and dynamic, clear rhythmic pulses and the suspension thereof. Lange’s talent in exploiting the accordion’s ability to achieve almost transparent variations in sound color through an interplay of registers, reeds, valves and bellows will find a plastic reflection in the surrounding space, delicately coloring each musical phrase. And, as Landgreen’s works ultimately assume final form in relationship to the architectonic space, so too, the subtle modulations of timbre and register very specific to this instrument, and in the hands of this musician, play on perceptions of sound in space, as they react and adapt to the atmosphere of the moment.

A much sought-after accordionist, interpreter of contemporary music and improviser, Silke Lange has been a frequent guest at international festivals of new music such as the Darmstadt Ferienkursen für Neue Musik, Ultraschall and MaerzMusik in Berlin, as well as the Mosel Musikfestival, Festival Mitte Europa and the Young Euro Classic. She regularly appears in theater and performance productions at HAU, Deutsches Theater, Staatsoper Berlin, »club real«, Schauplatz International, Staatsoper Hamburg, Staatstheater Mainz, and Duo Randgruppe. In 2010, together with saxophonist Ruth Veltin, Lange founded the contemporary music ensemble LUX:NM. The group has recorded widely for radio, and CDs have been released by Wergo, DUX und GENUIN classics.