Francesco Mancori: RADICAL DUALISM

Marie Takahashi, viola
Takuya Kurihara, modular synth

Liebig 12

13. April 2023. For the opening of RADICAL DUALISM, ITINERANT INTERLUDE #101010 presented two radically different sonic interpretations of media artist Francesco Mancori’s most recent works. During the course of two separate solo sets, violist Marie Takahashi and Takuya Kurihara on modular synth invited us along to explore where algorithms may lead when left to fertile imagination. From dynamic meditation to wild chaos.

Marie Takahashi interpreted drawings from Mancori’s partitura series as an actual musical score for her acoustic viola performances. Takahashi is a modern and baroque violist, composer and improviser who performs regularly with an international roster of musicians and artists spanning genres from break dance and butoh to poetry and tattooing.

Takuya Kurihara translated the vertical and horizontal lines of Mancori’s drawings into wave forms on his modular synthesizer, allowing them to become ever more complicated, culminating in a fascinating chaos. Kurihara creates music inspired by visual art using electronic devices, amplified objects and field recordings. For the past 10 years, he has been a member of Wide Scope, an open format electronic orchestra started in his studio at Tacheles.