dark, liquid.

Luca Forcucci, field recordings & electronics

Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten

8 December 2017. The number of ITINERANT INTERLUDE #1851 references a more elliptical inspiration for the title of the exhibition dark, liquid. 1851 is, namely, the year Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was first published. And as Ishmael himself speaks of the great whale: “I know him not, and never will”, so too, dark, liquid. invites us to ponder the mysterious depths of the ocean. With ITINERANT INTERLUDE #1851, electronic musician, composer, and performer Luca Forcucci invited us to an aural investigation of the deep: in the form of soundscapes created from the waters of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. In Forcucci’s Two Poles, which receives its premiere this evening, audio recordings from the waters around the Cape of Good Hope near the South Pole and the Norwegian Lofoten Islands near the North Pole are manipulated, layered and recombined to resonate with each other in dialogue. These sounds met together for the first time in Galerie Nord, thus creating a unique territory where mental imagery may emanate from deep and careful listening.

Thus, for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #1851, the works in the exhibition dark, liquid. find a sonic counterpoint in Two Poles, which is the latest expression of the sound artist’s ongoing research at the nexus of art and science, music and technology.

dark, liquid. Works by Angela Glajcar, Rona Lee, Reiner Maria Matysik, Jenny Michel, Gergor Peschko and Roger Wardin.

Swiss composer, artist, writer and scholar Luca Forcucci’s research focuses on the perceptive and dynamic properties and relationships of sound and space. These find expression in his sound and visual installations, compositions and performances. He is particularly interested in perception and consciousness and explores these fields in music and art as experience. His ongoing research reflects his own nomadic situation and his work of the last twenty years in various wide-ranging global contexts. Forcucci is a frequent guest at international festivals, and lectures widely at universities around the globe. His works are represented in major international collections and his compositions are released by Universal Music, Cronica Electronica in Porto and Subrosa in Bruxelles.