Pär Thörn, electronics
Joel Grip, double bass

Bella Lux, Berlin

30 December 2015. On the other side of the winter solstice, ITINERANT INTERLUDE #25 presented Swedish improvisers Pär Thörn and Joel Grip engaging in a series of interactions with Marina Kern’s lamp objects in a “Sieg uber die Finsternis”.
Light is coming…

Poet, writer, artist, musician Pär Thörn was born in Uddevalla and is active throughout Europe between bases in Berlin and Malmö. He works with readymades, meta-poetics, radios, prepared speakers, and tape recorders in a practice that emphasizes the mechanical aspects of the technology and the unpredictability in the use of radio. His album Schöneberg/Stammheim/Gärdet/Rågsved was nominated best Swedish experimental music record in 2008. He has performed with Leif Elggren, Keith Rowe, Charles Bernstein, Lina Selander, Amit Sen, and Monkey Plot among many others.

Double bassist, filmmaker and producer Joel Grip is a major player on the international improvised music scene in Europe. As founder of Umlaut Records, he is also responsible for devising creative forms of organizing collectives of musicians and promoting their music internationally from bases in Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin. He is active in the groups Peeping Tom, Ahmed, Mirror Mind Rose, Je Suis! and has performed with Sven-Åke Johansson, Alexander von Schlippenbach, and Axel Doerner, among many others. Since 2003 he has been one of the main organizers of Hagenfesten a popular festival for free improvised music in Dala-Floda, Sweden.