Katie Kelly, performance

Blah-Blah Projektraum

30. October, 2020. In keeping with the premise of the group show ADVANCED BREAKTHROUGHS – the idea of movement as a general concept that echoes the re-engagement within social articulations that the lockdown period has denied – ITINERANT INTERLUDE #30 is all about movement. For the finissage, the last day before the second lockdown, it was a tap-dancing gorilla girl in the person of Katie Kelly.

Works by Andres Villarreal, Jörg Schaller, Carl-Oskar Linne, E C Davies, Anton Laiko, Birgit Maaß, Wolf Son, Maria Marshall, Samet Durgun, Monika Oechsler, Natasha Lien, Alexander Hidalgo. Curated by Y-Museum.