Sabrina Ma, percussion
Katie Kelly, dance

Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg Platz

16. November 2022. It’s all about the blanket with the hole in it. Taking off from the rhythms of the children’s clapping game that gave the exhibition its title, for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #44, percussionist Sabrina Ma and dancer Katie Kelly riffed, elaborated, twisted and tangled to explore the very many ways of looking at a rhythm. THE HOLE IN THE BLANKET is an exhibition and research project which uses (auto)biographical narratives to examine material, contemporary and cultural histories that lie outside mainstream society.


Es geht um die Decke, die ein Loch hat. Ausgehend von den Rhythmen des titelgebenden Kinderklatschspiels, erkundeten Perkussionistin Sabrina Ma und die Tänzerin Katie Kelly in ITINERANT INTERLUDE #44 die vielen Möglichkeiten, einen Rhythmus zu betrachten: Riffing, Elaboration, Twist und Tangle. DIE DECKE HAT EIN LOCH ist eine ein Ausstellungs- und Rechercheprojekt  in dem mit Hilfe von (auto)biografischen Erzählungen Material-, Zeit- und Kulturgeschichte abseits der Mehrheitsgesellschaft untersucht wird.


The group show DIE DECKE HAT EIN LOCH/THE HOLE IN THE BLANKET was curated by annette hollywood, Jana Müller and Moira Zoitl and presented works by Alef Bla, Nombuso  Dowelani, Annette Hollywood, Laura Horelli, Sven Johne, Jana Müller, Alina Simmelbauer, OFW/Philipp Urrutia, Simon Wachsmuth, and Moira Zoitl.



Internationally renowned multi-percussionist Sabrina Ma was born in Hong Kong, studied in Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Ann Arbor, and has been based in Berlin since 2007. The recipient of many awards, she has appeared at important festivals and venues throughout the world as performer and as a collaborator in mixed media and theatrical productions.

Katie Kelly grew up in Surrey, England and completed her training at the London Contemporary Dance School. With a passion for a wide range of dance styles, she is active as performance artist, dancer and choreographer – from classical ballet at the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony to the Berlin Staatsoper to work with renowned American tapper, Michelle Dorrance in Los Angeles.