Stellan Veloce & Marta Forsberg
violin, cello & electronics

ZAK | Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst

13. September 2019. 4 exhibitions under one big roof. For the openings of “Geordnete Verhältnisse”, “Just Love”, “Ornament als Stadt”, “we don’t care”, Stellan Veloce and Marta Forsberg presented the results of their new duo: improvisations that travel through acoustic and electronically processed spaces, filled with happy drones and imaginary folk music.

Stellan Veloce is a Sardinian composer, performer and cellist based in Berlin. They create works for acoustic instrumental ensembles, installations and performance pieces with a focus on timbre, repetition and density. Together with Kaj Duncan David, Andreas Dzialocha, Laure M. Hiendl and Neo Hülcker they are co-founders of the collective and online platform Y-E-S.org. Occasionally, Veloce works as a band member and studio musician in pop music.

Marta Forsberg is a composer, sound artist and musician working in the field of installation art and electronic music. Dedicated to creating an immersive environment, her work explores intimacy in music and performance through minimalist sound and light sculptures – a sonic visualization. In 2012, together with composer Lo Kristenson. Marta founded Konstmusiksystrar a women’s and trans separatist organization working for equality in the Contemporary Music scene in Sweden.