Anna Clementi, performance

music by Martyna Poznańska

Liebig 12

27. February 2021. The program of ITINERANT INTERLUDE #8 for the finissage of Jana Linke’s site specific, immersive installation REPETITIVE DIFFERENTIAL was inspired, both conceptually and practically, by the challenge of undertaking artistic collaboration and live performance during these very curious days of covid. As a reflection of this state of affairs, the visual, the sonic, and the performative were conceived as independent (socially distanced) elements while, along the way, flimmers of reciprocal, asynchronous inspiration evolved to coalesce naturally into the evening’s performances. The immersive environment of REPETITIVE DIFFERENTIAL not only gave rise to the Wunderkammer that could be viewed through the windows of Liebig 12 from the street outside, it literally enshrouded the performer as well: Clementi is dressed in one of Linke’s fantastically original fashion creations, repurposed men’s designer clothing, painted and ingeniously reconfigured by the artist. Ironic construct meets dramaturgic staging. Poznańska’s composition “disquiet contingencies” for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #8 is exactly one second short of 8 minutes in duration and aims to reflect the meditative, repetitive gesture of the installation by creating an atmosphere of textures, minuscule details, and close-ups, to make the space vibrate, to frame a sonic perspective that arises from interaction at a distance. The work could be heard by individual audience members by linking to the audio file via QR code provided in the program.

REPETITIVE DIFFERENTIAL was curated by Allegra Solitude for Liebig 12.

Jana Linke’s artistic production commenced in the fields of time-based art and machine theater. For some time now, she has been investigating painting as an abstract, performative art, as an action in space, as a happening on the street. Jana Linke has exhibited and performed internationally. She lives and works in Athens and Berlin.

Martyna Poznańska is a transdisciplinary artist who creates multimedia installations. Intrigued by processes of transformation and decay, she explores symbiotic relationships between human and non-human beings. Poznańska has exhibited and performed internationally. She lives and works in Berlin, Białystok and London.

Swedish-Italian vocal artist Anna Clementi is a much sought-after performer in experimental music theater with a repertoire ranging from contemporary and electronic music to chanson, musical theater, club music, and beyond. Countless composers have dedicated works to her which she has premiered with leading ensembles at major international venues.