Susanne Zapf, violin

works by Morton Feldman, Caspar Johannes Walter, Earle Brown, Vittorio Montalti

Daniel Marzona, Berlin

Morton Feldman's "For Aaron Copland" with Charlotte Posenenske's "Partition Series E. Concept 1967/68".

20 November 2015. The program for ITINERANT INTERLUDE #9 took inspiration from the theme of the group show REDUZIEREN to present a selection of works that represent an array of “reduced” musical languages, and in one case, a de facto “reduction”. Morton Feldman was one of the informal group of American artists, musicians and dancers active in NYC during the 50s and 60s known as the New York School that included John Cage, Earle Brown, Merce Cunningham, Yvonne Rainer, Jackson Pollock, Philip Guston and Mark Rothko. “For Aaron Copland” (1981) for solo violin exemplifies both the asceticism and sonic allure of Feldman’s music: the concise (4 min.) monophonic composition consists entirely of single notes, the “white notes” of the piano scale. Caspar Johannes Walter’s “Schatten” (1993) is a very concise, gestural work for violin and vocal sounds with audible influences of Cage and Feldman, but also Lachenmann and Spahlinger. Earle Brown’s “December 1952” (for one or more instruments and/or sound-producing media) is a landmark in the history of graphic notation. The role of the performer is to translate this information into music. Brown’s notes on the work suggest that one consider this 2D space as 3D and imagine moving through it …“the score [being] a picture of this space at one instant which must always be considered as unreal and/or transitory…”

REDUZIEREN curated by Burkhard Brunn. Works by Charlotte Posenenske, Julian Fickler, Olaf Holzapfel, Michael Reiter, Gedi Sibony, Martina Wolf.

Violinist Susanne Zapf performs widely as soloist and chamber musician, embracing the historical performance practice of the Baroque and Classical periods alongside her explorations of free improvisation and contemporary music. She has presented world premieres of solo and chamber music and appears regularly with renowned ensembles such as Musikfabrik. In 2006, she co-founded the Berlin based Sonar Quartett which specializes in contemporary music and maintains a busy performance schedule at festivals and venues from Berlin to Seoul.